Sign Wraps



A full colour change vehicle wrap is the ideal solution to alter the overall look of your vehicle. With hundreds of colours and finishes to choose from, you can give your vehicle a truly distinctive look while protecting the original finish.

Whether you are looking to simply change the all-over colour of your vehicle or create something with a truly unique finish, we have the solution for you at a fraction of the cost of respraying.

We can also add logos or insignia underneath the wrap film to give you that special subtle embossed look, or further enhance the look with the addition of high gloss or matt paint protection films.

Signraps is one of South Africa’s premier colour change wrapping companies. This is an exciting way of customizing ones vehicle to stand out from the crowd, with a vibrant array of colours and finishes available. Signwraps makes use of the best materials available, which include the 3M 1080 range.


Our vast experience in this field will ensure that we use the correct material for your fleet. A complete fleet audit and brand manual will ensure quality and consistency throughout your fleet. Signwraps and 3M offer a 3M 3 Year Performance Guarantee on vertical surfaces when using 3M polymeric wrap films. We also offer a variety of alternative films into this space including specialist 3M products for tankers and our unique product to wrap over welds. We are a 3M select partner and MCS approved.

Commercial vehicle and fleet branding is the best form of advertising you can buy! It is the lowest cost, highest impact of any advertising medium.

The style and type of company and corporate fleet graphics that can be applied to your fleet boosts awareness and marketing power for your product or service. All of our fleet and truck branding graphics are unique to you and your business, increasing your visibility and separating you from the competition!

At Signwraps we will assist you with your branding requirements by completing a full fleet audit first and then presenting you with a fleet report. This report will assist you in you’re the financial and operational planning of your fleet branding upkeep, allowing you to maintain your corporate image out on the road.


At Signwraps, we will ensure your service vehicles comply with road visibility standards. We can ensure Hi Visibility Vehicle Graphics whether it’s one vehicle or a national fleet.

We install chevron markings for cars, trucks and vans used in road works and road maintenance, as well as any other type of service vehicle requiring high visibility on the road.

Hi-visibility graphics help to keep your staff safe. Reflective vehicle graphics provide valuable protection. Depending upon the work function of your cars, vans and trucks you may need to comply with law. Vehicles used on the highways require specific hi-visibility markings. Signwraps can tell you what you need – part of our FREE advice service.

Cars, vans and trucks that need to stop on the highway for work, need hi-visibility markings on the rear of the vehicle. Many take the form of Chevrons. Signwraps produce durable Chevrons and hi-visibility graphics. Our skilled installers make your vehicles safe and look great in no time at all. All designed to keep you and your staff safe and the business legal.

Reflective door strips mark rear facing doors, guardrails and equipment lockers. Cars, vans of every size, and trucks are then clearly visible. Keeping yourself and your staff safe is vital.